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Thread: Simple question on Idols.

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    Default Simple question on Idols.

    I understand that if we attack these we get planarite, but I am confused with why they are there. What are the point of these idols, from a story perspective. Why do they appear? Just feel like if I had a bit of context to them, I would enjoy taking them down alot more.

    Thanks guys, I did try asking in game but no one answered me.

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    you mean the footholds that invasions place? theyre the different planes trying to gain just that, footholds, on our world

    from these footholds, they can summon more invasions to make more footholds, which can open more rifts, which can make more invasions, which make more footholds

    the whole point of the enemy placing them is to gain a strategic advantage from which to assault us, destroy us, and claim our world for whatever they want.. which is different depending on the dragon, maelforge wants to burn it, rebuild it, and burn it again. regulos just wants to eat it. greenscale (before we killed him) wanted to turn it into his vision of a perfect world, a true jungle, no civilization, survival of the fittest, etc

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    He may mean the "Idol of Maelforge" and such that randomly appear, and sometimes show up on the map as invasions, sometimes as footholds. They have an insane amount of HP and take about 10-20 minutes for an equal level player to solo kill, and don't really give anything worthwhile. As opposed to "xxx Idol" which are regular footholds that show up when invaders take over quest hubs and are easy to kill.

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