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Thread: Is Telara our "Planet"

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    Default Is Telara our "Planet"

    Hey everyone, I couldn't find any proof so I leave to the experts..

    People in game just take it for granted that we Ascended have traveled back in time and reside on a Planet named Telara. Can anyone point to me any lore that says we are actually on a planet?

    EDIT: just realized this is in the wrong section. Have reported it already and asking that it be moved to the lore section.
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    Yes...there are numerous books and such in game that mention it....just look around, you'll find them

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    Yes, it is all over. This is our planet.

    As far as we know:

    High Elves - created by Vigil god(s), on Telara
    Dwarves - created by Vigil god(s), on Telara
    Human - likely created in some way by the Vigil god(s), on Telara
    Bahmi - cross between Plane of Air beings and humans. Their ancestors chose to stay on Telara when the Ward came up, and the Bahmi (named after former leader) are their legacy
    Kelari - 'mutants' of High Elves, after long term exposure to the sourcewells/Telaran sprits/etc. This show the High Elves as 'Vigil pure', but the Kelari as 'planar tainted' in the more core level

    Now Telara is not exactly a planet as we normally imagine it... as it sits RIGHT on the Nexus of the Planes, which supplies the sourcestone of all creation.

    So yeah, its like a core of Nexus, surrounded by sourcestone, surrounded by the Telaran level, which is now covered by the Ward.

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    In the history Telara is referred to as a world as well.


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