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Thread: Whats with teh march warden at Freemarch?

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    Default Whats with teh march warden at Freemarch?

    Why are they blaming the guardians for not being able to help them? Why they switch their loyalty so fast? Are they blind? They had to see or know about Defiants blowing up the bridge that connects Guardian HQ in santum to Freemarch. There was a captain there in the base near the bridge. For Guardian to help them, them have to move around the world to get to Freemarch. And Defiants gets to be the hero despite blowing up that bridge?

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    The usual reason, the March Wardens needed help now rather than when the Guardians could get there. One of the Defiants strongest arguments is that Magitech empowers people to help themselves rather than rely on the Gods. This point is very telling for the March Wardens.

    To be honest it is questionable weither the Guardians would have moved so quickly to help the March Wardens as the Defiants did anyway. The Guardians already had their hands full on alot of fronts. It would hardly be the first place there the Guardians werent able to help till too late. Do remember that we failed to stop the Endless Court in Scarlet Gorge.

    Either way the Defiants message made sense to the March Wardens. It fit well with their desire for independence.

    It also probably didnt help that the one responsable for causing all the death in Freemarch was a former Guardian. The Guardians have had some painfully notable figures switch to the Dragon Cults recently.
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