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Thread: Zareph: Is he Guardians or Defiances?

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    Default Zareph: Is he Guardians or Defiances?

    Since he controls Port Scion, if he were, lets say, Defiant, wouldnt that be an Defiant city?

    also isnt he in love with Asha? I wonder if you will have his royal offspring in the near future of the lore.

    Zareph has just disappeared fighting Alsbeth. I hope he doesnt go Undead Planes on us. He seem like a cool lore hero.

    Lets Go Rift. Hope Archeage can do something next. Lets Save Rift

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    Zareph was (is) neutral in the sense that he realized the value of both Guardians and Defiant. He was a part of neither faction, but simply considered himself to be Telaran.

    He was uncomfortable with the dangers of Magitech, but knew it could be used to defend the city. He was also one of the last true successors to the Mathosian throne (Cyril laments about the fate of "his prince"). And yes, he was in love with Asha Catari.

    Note, it's odd to talk about him in the past tense because you visit him in the River of Souls, however much of a ghost he is there.
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