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    One of the problems with playing a new game is that you aren't always as observant as you should be - especially when it comes to the NPC's that you might encounter again. It's not like there's a big star by their name to clue you in that "Hey! Pay attention to what I say! You'll see me again in the next 7 zones."

    Such was the case with Thomas Penthas.

    I really didn't notice that I was encountering him so much because I was focusing more on the game mechanics. I just found him in Moonshade Highlands (again) and in the Sanctum Celebration chronicle. I also realized when I was playing another new toon that he's also in Silverwood, moaning that the Vigil has supposedly abandoned him (or that he can't hear them, something like that). That made me realize - Hey! This guy must be really important to the lore somehow. What have I missed?

    Anyway, one of the things that I love about NPC's in a lore-based MMO is why some characters are so important and others aren't. Sometimes you come across John Doe one time, and you never see him again. Then there are the Jim Doe's that are deemed so pertinent by the GM's whereby you encounter them over and over. Those really pique my interest.

    I haven't found any background information on this NPC on the Internet. Can anyone share a link or info about him that's more in-depth.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    By what I've found, he seems to be the Guardian version of Adrianna Weaver...the quests he gives serve to pull you along to different zones. That's really all I could find out though...sorry.

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    I just came across him recently in the Sunken Marsh and because of your post was more aware of him and what he has to say.

    He is an ascended, a Mathosian, whose family and himself died during the Mathosian War. He speaks of his failure in saving the spirit guide, or maybe of failure in seeing a reflection of his true self through the eyes of the Gods. He feels the Vigil ignores his prayers, and wonders of their plans for him. He seeks redemption, to what, he does not say.

    He says the Gods are silent to him, and when paths are crossed again, hopes to find that the light of the Gods shines on both.

    He reminded me of Sylver Valis, of Sylver saying he cannot communicate with the spirits, a Nalthema. I wonder, when you do meet him again, can he hear the voices of the Vigil? or will he find Sylver and bond to spirits another way.

    He is on a quest, a journey
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