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Thread: RoS Chronicle laying a Foundation?

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    Default RoS Chronicle laying a Foundation?

    Okay i did the new RoS chronicle as a defiant. At the end Zareph returns. He asks me to tell Asha he still loves her. I leave (lame I can' tell her...wth?) Thing was I forgot to turn in the quest to the one Discordant Knight. I reenter and I see a quest that says "kill Alsebeth" I work my way back to here and see she is at 66% health nd Zareph's has barely budged.

    Now if this continued Zareph wins obviously. Does this open the door for his return? He does say he does not want to return to Telara as a spectre but is his love for Telara (and Asha) enough to make him accept that existance? If he does return does a schism occur amongst the Guardians? Those who will follow the fanatical Cyril and those who wish to serve the true King returned? If so do player character guardians simply serve Zareph and we have a new villian faction or does a third faction come about. In either case you now have cross faction guilds, lfd queues etc. The possibilities
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    There's a sliver where Zareph lived.

    He teamed up with the Defiants and the Rift Wars lasted like 20 minutes before he punched Regulos to death.

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