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Thread: Are the Vigil the only known gods in Telara?

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    Default Are the Vigil the only known gods in Telara?

    While the five gods of the Vigil are all well known I was wondering if they are the only known gods in Telara. I've read in a few spots that the Dragon Lords as well as Regulos could be considered gods, but are there any other known gods that are not enemies in the game?

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    The Vigil are the five Gods which decided to create and protect Telara. There certainly are others, but "The Five" (Thontic, Mariel-Taun, Thedeor, Bahralt, Tavril) are worshiped by the Guardians for their interest in normal, Mortal lives. The Defiant see no reason to owe fealty to the Vigil, considering them to be no more or less powerful than the Bloodstorm Gods that we, the Ascended, seek to kill and banish from Telara.

    So no, they're not the only Gods out there, but at least to those who worship them (Guardians, Icewatch, etc), they are the only ones you can count on. Even the minor gods which all Clerics seek power from have fickle, varying interests that may or may not lead to the destruction of the Mortal they bestow boons upon. This is what's happening on Ember Isle, where thousands of weaker, lesser deities that the the Kelari communed with en-masse long ago have followed their own whims and are generally causing a ruckus (though you get the helpful ones from time to time).
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    Pretty much just the Vigil can be relied on. Other 'minor gods' are helpful for sure, and even GOOD, but are shown through quests to be, by this point, either dead, corrupted (sadly), or pretty useless compared to the Vigil.

    We don't know what the Vigil's origins truly are (other than that they arrived at the nexus at the planes, co-operated to an extent, and created Telara and enjoyed it and its peoples), so yeah.

    A theory I have is that there are many many many 'godlike' beings floating around in the ether, but the difference between the Vigil and Dragons is that while the Vigil *encountered* the Nexus, bringing them to a purity, and encouraging them to create instead of destroy, to protect instead of devour - the dragons come from the negative side of their respective planes, coming to see Telara not as what it WAS (aka a pure pure and even holy rarity in the universe), but as simply a very tasty treat/playdough to do with as they will. And that if the Vigil were in the dragons' places, they would do the same thing, instead of being so high-and-holy.

    Could be wrong though. I'm just playing with the idea that there is not *one true* god in the world of Rift, but rather just collections of planar and soucestone (=the combinations of all planes) energy, building into beings of consciousness.

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