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Thread: Proposal for a RP Workshops on Faeblight.

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    Default Proposal for a RP Workshops on Faeblight.

    Our Guild would like to propose series of role-play workshops. My guild has already spoken to the leader of another guild on Faeblight who has expressed and interest. We would like to include all of the role playing guilds. If at all possible, we would enjoy having a representative in this field from Trion attend, we would be happy to base the schedule on that availability.

    There would be one speaker on each subject each week with a question and answer period following.

    The Proposed topics are;

    1. What is Role-play & the do's and don'ts associated with role-play.
    2. Character Development.
    3. Sparring, battles & permissions.
    4. Elves, more than just humans with ears.
    5. Being evil without God-modding.
    6. Lore & You
    7. Kevti beat his wife, but never in RL. ( OOC & IC confusion.)
    8. Role-Play and consequences.

    Thank you, I truly believe we have a good role playing base on Faeblight, and we can all learn from each other and make Faeblight the best group of role players in any MMO.
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    I sorta like the idea. There's some great "how to RP" guides out there in the world.

    Presentation seems a bit tricky. How do we do this in-character? Does anyone know of any RPGs played in Telara? ("It's called Papers and Paychecks, we pretend we're students and workers in a highly industrialized and technological society." -- cartoon in 1E DMG)
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    Default Is faeblight even an rp server anymore except in name?

    I really miss our community. I realize that things change over time but we had such a tight, active, strong RP and RP-friendly community. I myself am RP-friendly, and love watching others engage in RP. But with the influx of people from other servers, it seems like FB has become just another server. I don't mean to overly complain; there are a lot of RP-ers on Guardian and Defiant side, but it seems to be diminishing quickly. I miss the days when non-RP names were force-changed, in keeping with the culture of the server. Are there any plans to tighten things up a bit in that area?

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