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Thread: Day/Night Cycle

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    Default Day/Night Cycle

    This question has been asked before, but we've never had a definitive answer. What's the method behind Telara's rotation? Hartsman said before that day/night cycles are 7 hours and equal time, but how does that relate to real time?

    If there were 7 hour cycles, than Telaran days/nights would occur and unpredictable times throughout real time since 24 doesn't divide into 7 evenly.

    I'm planning on taking hourly screenshots of the same location/angle, as difficult as that can be. But I'm terribly curious. I'd like to make a time-conversion, but first I have to see if there's any rhyme or reason to the day/night cycles.

    Anyone have some insight on this?

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    There are night in Telara? Never noticed it >.>
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    So making it a 7hr cycle, if that's the case which I don't really know, would make sense so people who login at the same time of the day everyday can actually see and feel the different times of the "telaran day". There are even achievements related to killing certain ghosts at night in Gloamwood for example.

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    I'm actually not sure of Telara "rotates", or even orbits, a star. It seems to me like most of our light is generated by a vast star field, a very bright sky, and the Ward symbols floating above-head.

    My theory is that Telara is inside a nova cloud.

    Such a case would provide very bright light, even during "night" cycles which could more-properly be called Dark Cycles, and generally provide a diffuse lighting that is colored blue-ish at night when we face away from the nearest star(s), and glows a warm yellow when the light from said suns passes through the purported nova gas clouds.

    Anyway. Just my thought.
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    I think the "7 hours each" rotating with respect to our days is intentional -- so if you have relatively static play times, you don't get stuck always playing at night or never playing at night.
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    There is most definitely a night cycle, but it had me looking for a while. The day-night cycle is actually pretty slow (and I'm not going to complain about that! It's actually refreshing), but the nights are fairly indistinguishable from day unless you're looking straight up and notice the sky's a different color.

    I think if they "darkened" the night hours and added night effects to the world it would be incredible. I would love to see fireflies and other little spirits come out at night, lanterns, bio-luminescent plant and animal life, and other such stuff that would work to keep the landscape still relatively well lit and easy to see, but complete eye-candy. Also with how long nights or days were, you could even have time-based quests or mini-events, or artifacts/harvestables that only occurred during either day or night.

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