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Thread: Valmera: Any lore regarding them?

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    Default Valmera: Any lore regarding them?

    In an RP scene recently, one of my characters' traveling buddies commented on my character's Valmera, asking just what the heck it was. In the ensuing conversation that followed, I found myself in a predicament- My character would KNOW where these things are from and what they are, being a scholarly sort, but I the player had no clue.

    So I did what many RPers do best: Improvised. But as with when I improvised ceremonies and prayers for priests of the Vigil, I see this as only a temporary solution. Are there any lore sources on the Valmera out there? Any mentions in passing even as to how we managed to domesticate giant predatory felines into glorified pack animals?

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    Same way we tame anything: at gunpoint.

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    I spent more than a few hours digging around through quest databases, wikis, and NPC text - but, I'm coming up empty handed. About the only thing I can say is: I think it's pretty neat they are omnivores, as seen by the crate of vegetables and the meat carcasses in Sanctum.

    I tried to come up with something! It's just not out there that I can find.

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    Magic !

    More seriously, i see their situation akind to the wild horse, pretty much extinct.
    (The undomesticated horse you see now are actually feral horse. They are all from domestic ancestry.)

    While we know, because of science where horse came from, i doubt someone like the guardian can retrace their ancestry.

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    Honestly I would love to run across all of the different mounts "in the wild", just roaming around. I can't imagine it would be all that hard to add...for the obvious herbivores you slap a different skin and name on the code for the deer, and for the carnivores you do the same using the wolf code. Not quite sure if that would work, but it SEEMS logical to me anyway....

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