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Thread: Trion - keep a steady focus on the story.

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    Default Trion - keep a steady focus on the story.

    They have done some updates that focus on lore and story in the past, and I hope they continue to do so. There is something to the story aspect of a game and you do NOT have to have voice acting to make an enjoyable story. People read books right? Anyway, just hoping they continue to develop and work with this instead of just pumping out content with meaningless or no background lore.

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    Every update so far has been very lore heavy, and there is a solid and coherent story behind RIFT. I don't think you have to worry about pointless updates.

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    "and you do NOT have to have voice acting to make an enjoyable story"

    Amen to that!

    For me, too much voice acting kills a story. I like the hear the voices in my imagination, the way I think they should sound. It's why I love books so much more than movies in most cases.

    I love the way rift delivers it's lore And I love the amount of it so far, but I would never object to even more! Unless it comes with massive doses of voice acting at the cost of everything else, including fun, then I'd object

    Keep on keepin' on, Trion

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    I personally enjoyed the Voice Acting in SWTOR (best questing so far) but I dont think Trion should go completely that route as that is very expensive and would slow down content.

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