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Thread: Quantum (Stream) Mechanics -Limitations, or Limitless?

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    Default Quantum (Stream) Mechanics -Limitations, or Limitless?

    I play on a RP server, and for story purposes I had wondered about the Quantum Stream a bit. Could an Ascended create a portal to, and continue to live a normal life in a Quantum Possibilty?

    The Trion website says this about the Quantum Stream Slivers.

    "...these alternate timestreams were discrete—at least until the sundering of the Ward. Now they threaten to break down, spilling their battles into the true Telara..."

    "Though belonging to a different place and another time, the beings and objects in a Sliver are quite real: the Ascended will leave with all their loot—and all their wounds—intact."

    So we know that the places are real, and I can assume that the "true Telara" is Trion's way of saying "our Telara" that my character belongs to originally.

    Now, can I break into a specific timeline?
    At the end of The Fall of Lantern Hook, an image of Orphiel appears and says,
    "If these calculations are correct, this portal is connected to the altnernate timeline. Now all we can do is hope our heroes can get to it before it closes forever."

    The phrase "if these calculations are correct" leads me to believe that Orphiel is able to create a portal to a specific timeline of his choosing. That would be confirmed by the fact that he knew we were inside the sliver, and he opened the portal with the intention of us getting to it before it closes.

    What's strange however is he says "before it closes FOREVER" as if to say he cannot open it ever again? Or perhaps the calculations he was talking about are refering to a nexus point in time that will pass.

    So why did I start this thread? Well, I had an interesting idea on how to Roleplay out a server transfer. Trion already calls each server a "Shard" as if it were a small part of something larger, or a contained part of a whole. Very similar to a "Sliver" if you ask me.
    Anyway, I said transferring to a new Shard would be as simple as opening a portal to Meridian (like some NPC's do in quests.)

    A friend of mine countered the idea by saying "We can only travel to Slivers. Just pockets of a dimension, not the whole dimension." He's got me there. So I'm here, asking you guys what you think.

    We can travel to the planes, we can time travel, we can tear open rifts, Orphiel can create portals to slivers, and The Faceless man and Asha Catari can open portals to Meridian. So, can an Ascended (with some help) travel to, and live in an entirely alternate reality/shard/server and not break any lore?

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    Well, if we stick only to the bigger lore characters (this includes the one ascended per faction who's the person we play out in quests, but is a bit different from the general roleplay, as in the general roleplay we have more than just one ascended) then it might -might- be possible for this one ascended to use some of those technologies to get into, and stay, in another timeline.
    The reason why I think it is limited to just a few key-powerful characters is because if it was more common, moving to another timeline would probably be much, much more common. A little akin to how, if it was from a lore perspective a possibility to "faction change" (and with this ultimatively change your race) then why do we not have both sanctum and meridan overloaded with infiltrating spies by now?
    And even if it wasn't widespread-common, chances are we would have had a quest telling us something about it anyways since we play that special role in the quests.

    As for the limited reach within a dimension, ie the slivers, I think your friend might be quite right in assuming that we can't go as far as we want to, but perhaps only reach into the designated area where trouble needs to be fought.
    I would think that once trouble has been fought - lorewise the sliver might close again permanently because the purpose of it has been completed. Even though game-play wise it'll be there next week still. A thought that comes to mind is that, when orphriel says permanently, it may be because it could be very very difficult to open a hole into the same alternative timeline every time. We don't know if there only is two or three alternative timelines running paralell with ours, or if there's thousands of them. Or at least I don't think we know, I could be wrong.

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    Lorewise, Lantern Hook is the last place to be destroyed in a future where Mealforge wins and is destroying the world, so I've always seen it the same way that the Defiant starting area is.....THIS is what will happen if YOU don't prevent it. That explains Orphiel's comment about the portal closing permanently....you have to get through it before Maelforge gets there and sets the last bit of Telara aflame, meaning the end of the world.....thus "permanently" closing it, since no one would be left alive to open it again.

    Personally, I think the Fall of Lantern Hook would have worked much better as a 10 man....it would have fit perfectly with the other two, storywise.

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