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Thread: Hidden Lore?

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    Default Hidden Lore?

    I just came across a random Air Rift in Shimmersand and wasn't there for the opening of the Lore on this.

    Rift Tear: Air
    Environment Setting: Devices and Consoles are present only.
    Species: Naga
    Sex: Female

    Some of Script:

    Renegade Commander: "Thank you, Telaran. Please, deactiave the field holding me."

    Renegade Commander: "Thank you! We haven't much time, they will be sending reinforcements. We have to help my the others!"

    Renegade Commander: "I'm breaking you out!"

    Renegade Commander: "On to the next one! C'mon! They're going to send more after us!"

    Storm Commander
    : "You cannot all defy her will, not forever!"

    Renegade Commander: "We can take him! Let me shut off his shield! Just keep protecting me!"

    Renegade Commander: "It's down! Let's take him out, this can't have been for nothing!"

    Comment: Yes there is a grammar mistakes but its word for word. This was the first time I came across this Rift and was shocked that there are others, in the homeland planes, rebelling against the Tyrant dragons.

    A very interesting find.
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    Been there for a while. It was really easy to find when 1.6 had just launched and you could open air rifts in Freemarch. The Yule event has diluted the pool slightly, so it's harder to get now.

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    Interesting. Its nice to get these little windows into whats going on in the planes.

    Most interesting for me is it still seems that resistance exists within the planes themselves to the influence of the dragons. Long has this rift been in game for? Ive never seen it before. If its a new thing Ill be curious to see if we see more of these in the future.

    Fae Yule has been interesting with all the planar creatures turning up to celebrate it. Their was even a Seacap in Meridian who said Deeps had told him about it.

    Perhaps we will be rallying to the aid of the Planar resistance movements in the near future. That would be pretty cool.

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