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Thread: A Time of Peace

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    Default A Time of Peace

    I wander if there will be a lull, lore wise, in Rift.

    What I mean is.. look at Vanilla WoW. That could be viewed as a time of peace.

    I mean there was conflict, tensions, etc.. but there was no extreme enemy or Looming danger.
    Then they Had BC, WLK, and Cata. All BIG "OMG The world is about to End" events... for 4 years staight.

    Now it appears (From what we have been told so far.) that WoW will be going back into a time of peace.
    Tensions will be high
    Horde and Alliance look like they are about to get it on, big time... but nothing for now.

    I wander if rift will swing in that direction at some point.

    It 'feels' nice in a game when things are all chill for a little.

    That's just my opinion and view on things.
    How about you guys?

    Does Rift need to be "Final Fantasy" meets "Dragon Ball Z"
    Everything is a possible world ending event and each new threat is 1000 times greater than the one before it.. forever?


    Should/will there be lulls in the story. Times when it's just a new continent to explore. with new enemies.
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    Id say a couple of things about this. Lulls are fine in games. If when we have knocked off most of the Dragons, maybe we will sort of get one. However, the current theme of the game doesnt really fit the 'a time of peace' scenario. Rather it offers a mixture of heavy conflict mixed with a 'brave new world' theme. Both the Defiants and the Guardians embody a new begining of growth and discovery.

    On WoW, MoP doesnt actually sound like a time of peace. Quite the opposite. The Horde vs Alliance war is set to get alot more ugly so I dont think it really fits. After all the expac is apparently going to be start with a city getting burned to the ground.

    The WoW story doesnt fit Rift though. Rifts story is far more cohesive. Personally I think we will have times when the threats ease and we have periods more focused on learning about the world itself. On the other hand the Defiants and Guardians would be more likely to go for each others throats if nothing else was in their way.

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    When you look at the timeline, war is definitely not something there has been a lot of on Telara. As it seems, there was a roughly 1000 year break between the time of the first blood storm and that of the fall of the eth empire.
    So I'd say that it is definitely possible that Rift will see a time of peace again, though definitely not before we're absolutely sure we're not going to be eaten by a big dragon.
    I'd definitely be very happy to see a bit more of a peaceful time with the Defiants, perhaps a time where Telara is "rebuilding" and tensions are perhaps only around at that point because of territorial conflicts.
    This would also be a great time for Trion to actually give us some real cities to stroll about in (seen from a guardians perspective).

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    Given the nature of Rift's game world, a housing system/'time of semi-peace' is something that will have to be dealt with very carefully and thoughtfully.

    I'm not so familiar with Guild Wars, but between expansions, didn't they change the entire game world? A sort of 'phasing'? I'm not saying Rift should do that, but perhaps for people who have reached a very significant milestone, the game world could change for them. Pre-Blood Storm and Post-Blood Storm, I guess. It would have to be major...

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