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Thread: Does Trion have Half Races in the lore?

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    Default Does Trion have Half Races in the lore?

    In Scarlet Reach, I believe I saw what looks like a half dwarf half human.

    is that possible in the lore?

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    Other than the Bahmi, no.

    Absolutely, positively, not. There have been no successful breeds. There's been planar mutations, but no breeding.

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    I'd like to see traitor races that have swapped sides. Happens in every single RL conflict so it'd be interesting. I guess they'd only be able to swap to Defiant what with the Gods being so picky about who they rez.

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    According to Trion, breeding between the different races on Telara has never resulted in offspring. That means between humans, elves, and dwarves - a Kelari and a High Elf are both elves, so they could have kids, just like Mathosians and Ethians are just different human nations, so they'd be fine as well.

    Bahmi are the result of Windspawn from the Plane of Air breeding with humans, so it seems that it's at least possible for planar beings to mate with Telarans. But only Bahmi have happened so far, that we know of. What happens when a faerie and a dwarf mate; who knows.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xerokine View Post
    What happens when a faerie and a dwarf mate; who knows.
    And as long as you stay out of my conspicuously unmarked DVD collection, you'll never know.
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    It seems that major Telaran races, created by the Vigil (as far as we know) are made to NOT inter-breed. We have:


    -Eth are just another ethnicity and culture to the humans.
    -Kelari are elves that have had continuous exposure to spirit/planar energy. (I *think* that the spirits are an 'unnatural' result of planar and Telaran forces meeting one another. They are now 'native' to Telara, but carry planar energy and identity that the Vigil would NOT approve of)
    -Bahmi are breeding between humans (dominating species on Telara, population wise) and planar beings. The Vigil does NOT approve of this).

    So we still have humans, elves, and dwarves - just different kinds (some of which are condemned by the Vigil by even existing now, it seems...).

    So I can imagine high elves mating with some unknown planar race, or dwarves mating with some planar race, but never an elf and an eth making a baby, or a kelari and a bahmi. Romance though? Perhaps ;)

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