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Thread: How old is Orphiel Fairwind?

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    Default How old is Orphiel Fairwind?

    I am not totally sure of the lifespan of the races in Telara. Just wondering since Orphiel Fairwind was the one to send Asha Catari to warn Zareph of his brother. Later she dies fighting alongside Zareph and Orphiel is the one discovering the eth technology to bring Asha Catari back from the soulstream. On http://www.riftgame.com/en/world/planes/index.php it says
    Aedraxis, a king whose rivalry with his brother led to the Mathosian Civil War, somehow made it possible for Regulosí power to slip through again into Telara. The Ward was fractured, and a devastating magical disaster known as the Shade swept across the land, destroying or maiming whatever it touched.

    In the eighty years since, massive rifts have begun to appear where the planes intersect, tearing through the Ward and bringing the chaos of these outer dimensions to Telara.
    As far as I understand Orphiel Fairwind is still the leader of the Defiants and the original leader of the Dragonslayer Covenant.

    He looks pretty healthy for being that old.

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    2900 years I believe.
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