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Thread: Lorewise are Shaman melee fighters or Casters?

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    Default Lorewise are Shaman melee fighters or Casters?

    I notice that the Bluntfang Shamans in Droughtland are casters instead of melee fighters.
    lore wise are Shamans melee fighters or casters?
    I notice shamans have no cast spells actually.

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    I consider the shaman soul used by ascended to be a melee fighter that enhances their attacks with the elements. This is how the first shaman in lore is portrayed.

    Any caster-based shaman is probably more of the witch doctor type shaman, such as those commonly found among goblinoids in fantasy settings. Although many npcs seem to borrow attacks/attack icons from pc classes, they usually aren't using the soul system like ascended, and probably aren't bound by the same rules.

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    Yep remember that the soul you use is of a SPECIFIC shaman.

    Just as there are probably plenty of different kinds of Elementalists in the lore, there are likely plenty of Shamans. This one is just an elementally-spiritually tuned cleric that mightily fights with the power of his infused weapons and attacks

    Others may be more of the caster type, but still attuned to elements rather than some more holy (Vigil) or unholy (Death) power.

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