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Thread: Templar Delsin

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    Default Templar Delsin

    What race is Templar Delsin in Sanctum? He has a High Elf voice but does not look like any of the playable races currently in the game. He looks like he is some kind of satyr and elf hybrid. Does anyone have any idea? At this point I'll even take speculation. He looks interesting and if he was a totally different race than that of a playable race. Does anyone think that this race may become playable some day?

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    He's High Elf.

    It's just that the NPC models are:
    1)Wayyy too old (likely many from the Heroes of Telara age, so it doesn't always fit the setting or race)
    2)Don't fit the character model looks (see #1 for why)
    3)Not designed well. While their 'armor' looks are HIGHLY wanted by players, the models themselves often do not fit the current purpose. For example: you thought it was was hybrid or something, but it is a high elf. YET, for some reason they use an AELFWAR model for him, one that we fight quite often. Just weird. The Aelfwar themselves look like aliens and not just lifetouched High Elves.. (yes I know about the Kelari but that wasn't from pure planar corruption but rather a general elemental spirit exposure after centuries).

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