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Thread: Pre-Shade Kelari

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    Default Pre-Shade Kelari

    If I understand the timelime correctly, the Kelari archipelago came under attack by Akylios after the Shade weakened the ward. This would suggest that the Kelari didn't return to the mainland until some time after the Shade.

    I also understand that most Defaint (and nealy all Guardian) Ascended are expected to have died in the Shade.

    So, where did all these Kelari Ascended come from?

    Am I wrong about the timing? Are Kelari Ascended an exception to the "most died in the Shade" rubric? Were there more Kelari on the mainland working with the Covenant than I thought?

    What would a relatively unexceptional Kelari Ascended have been doing at the time of the Shade? Working on the mainland as a trader? Traveling with cartographers? Pearl diving off the coast of the archipelago? Found floating in a hat box off Lake Solace and raised as a pet?


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    A couple points here.

    Most Defiant Ascended did not die in the Shade. They are raised from more or less random points in history. Kira Thanos, for example, died over a hundred years ago. Most Kelari Ascended seem to have died in the journey between the Isles and the mainland, as referenced in the in-game book 'The Crossing'.

    All Guardian Ascended died during the battle against Aedraxis. All of them were raised in a single event by the Vigil.

    Very few Kelari were part of the Dragonslayer Covenant.

    And I'm not sure why you seem to be focused on the mainland. Most, if not all, Kelari Ascended would have been born, raised, and died on the Kelari Isles. There was really no reason for them to the travel to the mainland; their civilization on the Isles rivaled Eth at it's peak in terms of advancement. They just used spirits instead of magitech. Before the Shade, the Kelari were likely the most advanced race on Telara.
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    Almost all (or all) of the Guardian Ascended arrive from when they died in the battle against Aedraxis. Pretty much just there. They died and shortly after were risen up.
    BUT, this is just the 'player Ascended' to fit in with your story. It is shown in lore that there are other Ascended that may have died around the time of the Shade, but not exactly from the battle against Aedraxis (Boar Spear).

    Basically: Die around the time of the Shade/Mathosia battle, and are a Mathosian, High Elf, Dwarf ---> brought back in Mathosia to fight Regulos.

    However the Defiant Ascended are more 'all over the place'. As a Defiant Ascended, we can be plucked from the soulstream from *any* point in history. (Thankfully the soulstream is separate from the Plane of Death and is a Telaran phenomena, else Regulos would be easily able to being back any dead figure to fight for him. See:River of Souls)

    While you could be an Eth that died in the sacking of Meridian (which was averted), a Bahmi who died in the Blood Storm War, or a Kelari that died in a rebellious exploration of Silverwood after running away from the Isles, it is generally more likely that you'll come from:

    Eth - died in the Convocation, and related events.
    Kelari - died in the fighting on the Isles, or the Exodus from them.
    Bahmi - died in the fighting over their home canyons (location not yet known).

    Is it POSSIBLE to be from other times, but I'm just noting the more likely of times.

    So therefore, while the Guardians focus on the theme of 'being guided by the souls of past heroes', the Defiant focus on the theme of 'attuning yourself to a soul from the soulstream'. (generally speaking. An eth can still revere their historical figures, and a bahmi can still worship their ancestors though the soul system)

    To more directly reply to you OP, the Kelari are mostly from the Exodus from the Isles. When you arrive at Kelari Refuge, you pretty much see the remnants of your people, the ones who survived. It's supposed to give you motivation to fight for them and to defeat the evil spirits that corrupted your home from within. You could have still come from another location/time, but the window is much less - Ascended seem to tend to come from times of great death, and the only times that a 'mutated elf' Kelari could have been connected to that would be the Exodus and related events. One can still RP to be otherwise.

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