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Thread: Need some info on sourcestones...

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    Default Need some info on sourcestones...

    Alright, sourcestones... I'm a bit confused about them. First off, what exactly are they? Where do they originate?

    They obviously hold the capability to create stuff (I mean, the Vigil used sourcestones to create the world)... But I saw something today that I never quite payed attention to for a good, well I don't know, whenever PvP dailies were introduced?

    Anyways I noticed for the IPP PvP dailies you need to kill "Sourcestone Spirits" that come from the constructs. So I wondered, what exactly are sourcestone spirits? Were they also created from sourcestone? Are all souls created from sourcestones? Or are sourcestones themselves some kind of living being?

    So many unanswered questions and it has left me a little confused, and was hoping someone would fill me in?

    So confused!

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    as far as I know sourcestone is just elementally-charged metal, I have however no clue where the spirits come from

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    Of all the worlds in the universe, only Telara was constructed entirely of sourcestone at an unprecedented nexus of the elemental planes. Elemental energies that come into contact with sourcestone become tangible, and Telara, so heavily influenced by every element, boasts incredible diversity and wealth.

    There is only sourcestone. That which does not touch sourcestone, is not. Only sourcestone shapes the shapeless, materializes the immaterial, expresses elemental energy as tangible places and things.

    Hope that helps.
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    The elemental planes create elemental crystals. Shadestone is crystallized Death energy, Tidestone is crystallized Water energy, Stormstone is crystallized Air energy, etc.

    Sourcestone is when all six planes overlap and create crystallized elemental energy. It's made of all planes, and has all their powers. From Sourcestone, anything can be created.

    The gods found a place in the universe where the planes overlapped consistently, creating a huge mass of Sourcestone - something unspeakably rare. They used it to create Telara. Because of Sourcestone's nature, it can be changed into any elemental force - with a lot of it, you can make anything, and so they made a planet. The oceans, the continents, the atmosphere, the molten core, the sun, the moon, life, and death. Everything was born of that original mass of Sourcestone.

    Because the planes still overlap, Sourcestone is still being created on Telara. In addition, not all of the original amount was used - which is why mining for Sourcestone is possible; Telara has veins of raw Sourcestone running through it that were never used.

    Because of the huge amount of energy in the smallest piece of it, Sourcestone is prized by the Defiants to fuel their magitech. And because Sourcestone can be used to communicate with the Vigil, it's prized by the Guardians.
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