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Thread: NPC conversations tht make you wonder....

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    Default NPC conversations tht make you wonder....

    Some of the things they say really bother me.... I seriously question the game's lore when I hear these:

    "Years to make. Seconds to purchase"
    A bottle of water? (Courtesy of Mynrael)

    "Go with confidence."
    Uhh... I can't tell if I'm in an adult diaper commercial. Regardless, I feel very uncomfortable and self-conscience now.

    "*Gasp* An ascended!"
    Dude, we've worked together for THREE MONTHS! You're a daily NPC! I know you on a first name basis, do you have Alzheimer's or something? You really need to see a doctor

    My personal favorite,
    "Never let your enemies tread in your wake."
    Wha.... How dumb are you? Have you ever BEEN in the wake of a boat? It's like a whirlpool. Sounds like a pretty damn good idea to me.

    Anyone hear any other head scratchers?
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    I always like to hear: "Your coming is most fortuitous"

    Yeah yeah I know, I have a gutter mind.
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    Lazy/low priority NPC creation. Copy paste all over the place. It's particularly jarring to see a model that was once a Kelari is now a High Elf NPC, or to see the Kelari NPCs have tiny tiny ears compared to the PCs, or when you talk to one NPC with one voice and turn around and the questgiver nearly right next to him has the same voice.

    WTB variety.

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