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Thread: About Scarwood

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    Default About Scarwood

    I'm trying to find out some things about scarwood, as it is important in my characters backstory, but I can't seem to locate the relevant information, si, I will ask here in hopes that someone else knows.

    Possible spoiler alert!

    1. We know that Scarwood used to be full of granitwood trees, but they were cut down to build port scion, and later Aedraxis war machines. But when did all this happen? When did the Mathosians begin cutting the granitwoods? And when did Aedraxis cut down the whole forest for war machines? How many years was this before the present day?

    2. When did it start being known as Scarwood and not Granitwood (Or whateve rit used to be? I think it was Granitwood...)

    3. When was granitwood crossing destroyed by the life bomb?

    4. What are those smaller trees you can see throughout Scarwood? For example. The ones located around the puzzle area above trollblight caverns.

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    1. King aedraxis ordered the cutting of the wood. It wasnt used for building Port Scion, PS is a stone city and features masonry, resembling late medieval works in our world. Resembles the old cities of eastern europe.

    2. When it was cut down, shortly before the events of the Shade.

    3. No idea, I never did the defiant story line there.

    4. Pine trees, or fir trees perhaps. The regular telaran flora.

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