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Thread: A Lore Suggestion

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    Default A Lore Suggestion

    I'm playing through the beta and trying to read all the quest texts and absorb the story, but I really don't feel that I am picking it up. Right now I'm killing Bomani and have no idea what they are or what they want, besides 'they are simply tools of the Endless Court'. Not sure what atool of the endless court is. Perhaps in another quest text it told me but I'm feeling pretty lost in the story.

    My suggestion would be either say, a lorebook that a player could access that would have detailed information about lore.

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    Check the Covenant of Telara ... if it's the sort of thing you're looking for ... excellent! The problem of course will be that your ahead of the blog. Keep an eye on it tho!

    I'm hoping tohave both starting zones and both map 1 zones complete by release.

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