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Thread: Gloamwood- Date of settling and other events?

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    Default Gloamwood- Date of settling and other events?

    I couldn't find this info on the wiki, and a cursory glance at other places didn't reveal it either(Admittedly, I did not scour the web for it). While writing the backstory for my character, who is a supposed native of Gloamwood, I came across a few issues that I wondered if the community might help me with?

    First off: Around when was the region settled date-wise? And IS there even an official system of dates for the timeline?

    Second: Around when in relation to that did it become accursed and possessed?

    Third: Is it conceivable(Read: Will people yell at me) for saying there used to be other small/insignificant villages and settlements there in the distant past in my backstory? My original idea had him hailing from a long-forgotten and no longer existant village deep in the woods.

    I would appreciate any and all input, especially on that last one. ^^;

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    These are the only set dates we have, anything else is pure speculation beyond, "Some time in this period."

    For matters of RP you can certainly make a village in Gloamwood that no longer exists (especially if there are any abandoned settlements) the game-world is representative, not literal. I can't promise no one will yell at you though.
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