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Thread: Thorvin's Mighty Hammer

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    Default Thorvin's Mighty Hammer

    Thorvin's Mighty Hammer is a one-handed tanking mace that can be acquired from the Guardian epic quest line. One little thing though - Thorvin's hammer is itemized for warriors. Did I miss something?

    For those who need quick clarification, Thorvin Sternhammer was the dwarven Justicar who first slew greenscale. In fact, the entire Guardian's T3 cleric tanking set is named after Thorvin. I guess I was just a little disappointed when I finally saw the list of gear from this quest that Thorvin's hammer had no spell power attached.

    It would seem only fair to me to rename this item to "Tam's Mighty Hammer", to be more in line with the rest of gear appellation and itemization. Of course, I would love to see it end up with wisdom and spell power instead, but I just can't see many warriors currently using the mace being happy with that.

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    Sounds like Trion missed something, good catch.
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