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Thread: Shadowlands?

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    Default Shadowlands?

    There's no forum for Zones, and this is lore related, so.

    I noticed that the Shadowlands were not in beta. I thought they were supposed to be the original starting area for everyone instead of what we got - Battle of Meridian for the Guardians and the last stand at Terminus for the Defiant. I was looking forward to them, especially being able to glimpse Telara from a distance.

    Are these temporary areas? Will we be seeing the Shadowlands upon release? Also, why doesn't Regulos have dominion over souls from the soulstream that enter into his plane?

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    As far as I know, Shadowlands as a starting area has been completely replaced with Terminus and Mathosia 20 years prior.

    It is unknown if we will ever see it in game.

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    From what I understand the devs decided to create two distinct starter experiences. This was based on feedback that the starting lines were too identical. Mention of this is burried somewhere in one of the interview videos or podcasts.

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