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Thread: Defiant: Life factory Overview

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    Default Defiant: Life factory Overview

    I just finished my last blog entry dealing with the "Life factory" and thought I would do a list of Lore you can find within it for those that have maybe missed something or haven't yet played.
    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    You have been resurrected in what is the last surviving Life factory. The world is close to being destroyed by Regulos the Destroyer, very little is left. You must find your way to the Failsafe Device, a time traveling machine. This machine will send you back to a time where you must stop the forces of Regulos, before they destroy the world (The start of open world game play).

    This is list of what you will learn about while inside the Life factory.

    Room 1 - Resurrection Forge:
    Your sourcestone graphed body was merged with your soul.- Calia Sorfun
    You learn the history of the facility. - Knowledge Collector
    The facility is the last stronghold - Marisha Varlika

    Room 2 - Control Room
    Witness an experiment of soul transfer - scripted Npc event
    witness soul leashing - scripted Npc event
    A short overview and mission statement - Sylver Valis

    Room 3 - Prototype Room
    The "Nature of Rifts" - Knowledge Collector
    The destruction of the Defiant Capital. "Slaughter of Meridian" - Knowledge Collector

    Room 4 - Exit
    The Defiant studied the Guardian Ascended - Loot: Book "Price of Progress"
    Orphiel, the creator of the Defiant. "Orphiel Farwind" - Knowledge Collector
    The machine that will send you back. "Orphiel's Failsafe" - Knowledge Collector

    Quite a bit of good information is given to you in the Life factory. The most important of course is the mission statement by Sylver Valis. What I found the most interesting was the scripted "Soul Transfer" event in the Control Room. In the scene the prisoners are Guardians which can be verified by viewing the Guards chat bubbles ... "You heard the man! Get out here you two. Be proud, Guardian. Here is your chance to redeem yourself for aiding in the destruction of Meridian." This entire scene shows not only contempt for the Guardians, but how sinister the Defiant can be in a moment of crisis.
    RiftRares ... A work in progress.
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    Might want to add links to each specific one, other than that great job so far.

    Will start reading soon.

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    You missed one. In the room with Sylver and the NPC's, there is a hologram that explains the procedures for creating an Ascended. Explains about using a small piece of bone... please no eating or drinking near the machines.. that kind of stuff.

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    *shudder* For me the Soul Transfer experiment was quite disturbing. Especially when it's the female elf's turn to be herded into the machine and she's begging for her life the whole time. Right up until her confused soul gets hoovered up into the thing.
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    Your overview was wonderful and very informative! Thank you very much. Having seen it (and having walked through the area slowly), I still missed some of these things.

    Outstanding set of posts.

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