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Thread: Morban puzzle black box

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    Default Morban puzzle black box

    How the puzzle works..

    extended explanation

    walkthrough for the Morban puzzle in Rift :

    simplified explanation on the feedback/red lights

    In the first picture, the orange line goes into the box (activated laser) deflects twice and the beam leaves the box at the left side, where a red light will burn.

    In the second picture, the red arrow runs straight into a globe and is absorbed... the beam will not leave the box and therefore NOT show a red light.

    The yellow arrow goes into the box, is Reflected by 2 globes and goes back the way it came from, thus turning on the red light at its exit point, which is the same as its entrance point.

    The orange arrow goes into the box at the right side, is deflected and leaves the box at the above side, where a red light is shown where it leaves the box.

    Do note, that a deflected beam can be absorbed as well, if it runs straight into a globe after being deflected.

    Absorb = run straight into an orb.
    reflect = being sent back on the track
    deflect = being sent on a 90 angle
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    the more confusing feedback on activating lasers...

    The arrow at point A goes into the box, the beam is deflected at the first globe and absorbed by the 2nd globe, thus giving no red lights for an exit point.

    The purple arrow left is deflected by the first globe and reflected by the 2 globes on the deflected path... It is sent back on its way and will leave the box at its entrance point, where the light will show red.
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