Hello guys,

Vanilla player here, little rant here guys. To contextualize you, basicly yesterday I got a bit nostalgic after reading about Rift's Prime servers launch and decided to give Rift a try again, 7 years later.

So I log into my account, create my new character a Guardian, High Elf female, Mage.
I start questing in Silverwood and whatnot, really enjoying the game with a huge nostalgic feel.

Now as I close Rift after Rift I realise they lost some of their magic, I remember that back on launch/vanilla rifts were zone specific, for example Silverwood had Life and Fire rifts only with a couple handfulls of unique rift and there was even an achievement that consisted in doing each one of them. It was called the "zone" Defender.

These days rifts spawn kinda randomly, as in there is every kind of rift in every zone and they are all pretty much the same of each element. It made the zones lose their magic a little and made the leveling process a bit less fun...

Any players from launch/vanilla that can relate?
Pretty sad they changed this... Anyway, just a little rant here guys.

Please share your thoughts regarding this guys. Wasn't it a lot more magical going to a new zone checking out the new/different rifts?

Another thing I haven't seen yet, but back then it looked like it popped more often were the zone events, where huge invasions would attack a zone and players had to defend it left right and center, again these invasions were very specific, for example Freemarch would be invaded by the plane of Water, with big armies overwhelming the zone, where players had to push it back.

King Regards guys,
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