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Thread: Eternal Weapons

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    Default Eternal Weapons

    With t2 being out for a couple months now, I am sure you are already working on an upgrade for the eternals again (which would be nice for those who have the current max).

    That being said, has there been any plans made for those who are still trying to catch up? As of now its 4 months to upgrade if you get into an irotp every week which is viable unless you're a casual.

    My thoughts to help people catch up would be to make it so the last boss of normal TD would also count towards it or just cutting in half (which would be nice for some other parts of the eternal such as the 100 SPEs..)

    To a different note, has there been any headway towards a separate upgrade path for alts so having multiple characters is viable again without having to tear out your soul with the grind on each character. Maybe require a currency/credit item plus an achievement that you would get on your primary for reaching certain stages of the eternal. Possibly a format similar to below if an item would replace each stage..

    Thought process is you would still need to have at least done the grind once on a main for alts to be able to get w/e item for upgrade. Credits would only get you to the base of eternal and would still need to grind the T1/T2 upgrade so wouldn't be a completely fresh 70 running around with the top of the eternal. That or as Skyie suggested of just putting in weapons so it wasn't a requirement to have the eternal just a boosted option if you wanted the grind.

    Just thoughts of a sleep deprived and overworked telaran
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    It would be better if the rift store simply had some weapons that players could purchase with raid currency as an alternative to the eternal weapons.
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    Or fiat as an option...

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