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Thread: Leveling through Instant Adventure

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    Default Leveling through Instant Adventure


    I am just coming back to the game after YEARS of not playing. I am enjoying a lot of the new features, and it's really a completely new game today than the last time I played it.

    I want to raid, run dungeons, etc. so I am trying to get to max level as quickly as possible through instant adventures so that I can start doing the stuff that I love to do in MMO's. I know, I know, "BUT THE STORY!" That's why I'm here.

    One of the coolest new features in the game is that I can mentor down, and I intend on using that to run the Saga quest chains. What are the best Saga's to go back and do once I hit max level, or get close to max level? I remember back in the day, there was one Saga that started in Silverwood and lead to the Greenscale's Blight; then sometime after that, they introduced the Water Saga.

    TLDR; Please tell me your favorite Saga's that I should go back and complete once I hit max level. I really enjoy story, but I enjoy raiding/dungeons more.

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    Classic (Lv 1-50):
    Endless/Death Saga - Defiant only. Ties into Tier 1.
    Aelfwar/Life Saga - Guardian only. Ties into Tier 1.
    Abyssal/Water Saga - Ties into Tier 2.
    Wanton Maw (Fire/Earth) Saga - Ties into Tier 3.

    Storm Legion (Lv 50-60, saga starts below that):
    Storm/Air Saga - Incorporates and adds to earlier leveling temporary story world event. Ties into Tier 1, 2, 3, and the previous game version.

    Nightmare Tide (Lv 60-65):
    Arak/Nightmare Saga - Ties into at least Tier 3.

    If Prophecy of Ahnket (previously Starfall Prophecy, Lv 65-70) expansion gets an epic saga, it'll either be (another) Fire or (another) Life themed one, or well, Ahnket related (like Nightmare Tide didn't do Water since that was sorta already done, but 'Nightmare'). It'd happen this or next year, probably after release of the next/final zone for the expansion.

    The old sagas offer nothing power-wise, but they do offer cosmetic and story and achievement rewards. They don't necessarily tell the core story of the zones you explore, but they do lead into and wrap around the raids the expansions eventually lead to.
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