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Thread: Dead Simon read this please

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    Default Dead Simon read this please

    Is it possible to up the drop rate of Scoria Fish atm it can be as low as 35% then u can lose another 10% to ruined fish livers.I mean it's tough enough as it is getting 17000 livers but come on show some mercy hehe

    Maybe Scoria Fish lures to be purchased for tokens?
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    Buried in the main thread for Tok's Proving Grounds, there was some talk of providing a lure (edit: found it, pages 28-29). 5 and 15 min ("enduring") lures would be nice. However, As far as I know nothing more has happened. Many questions would have to be answered, such as: who could buy such a lure, at what cost, at what notoriety level, and would the lures be soulbound or or bound to account. You DO need Fishing skill to fish up these fish so binding to account would be very nice. I have a friend who is leveling his Fishing by helping me out, so being able to pass him lures would also be nice, but if I can do that then they can also go on the AH, and that probably invites other problems. He is not interested in doing the puzzles.

    Schools of Scoria Fish would help, though those would reveal the locations of the fish (which is part of the puzzle). Then there's the whole question of whether Scoria Fish can be "clever" or "rare."

    Fishing for Scoria Fish will level your Fishing, but those fish don't count towards other achievements such as your total fish caught. It would be nice if they did.
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