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Thread: Into The Wyrdode - Tasuil missing in Felibocan

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    Default Into The Wyrdode - Tasuil missing in Felibocan

    When I completed all the stages of the Scatherran Forest story quest Into The Wyredode on my mage I was directed to return to Felibocan to receive the reward. At that point I had a problem, i.e. Tasuil was not there to hand the quest into, on any shard. I ended up filing a GM ticket asking for the quest to be marked completed but then also realised that Tasuil should offer me the follow-up quest The Fallen Court and, if he wasn't there, I would also be unable to receive that quest chain. Having discussed with guild mates, it seems a number of them had also been affected. The reason was as follows...

    My mage had picked up the quest The Shadow Market from the NPC Anthousa in Alittu. Whilst this quest is active Tasuil will not be available in Felibocan. When I abandoned this quest and returned to Felibocan Tasuil was available again.

    It would appear Trion coded it so that Tasuil can't be active in both locations at once even though the player would only ever be able to visit one of them at a time!

    Thought I'd post this for anyone else having similar issues with missing NPCs and in the hope that a dev might respond as this seems to be very poor design.
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