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    Default Instant Adventure Bug: Mormo

    I've done this Goboro Reef adventure twice now (by done, I mean waited 15min for it to auto-fail), and the boss that you're supposed to kill, Mormo, never spawns. The map marker doesn't change from the previous adventure, either.
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    It's definitely bugged, our group was running in all directions trying to find him also checking underwater, for 15 minutes. He is nowhere to be seen.

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    Looks like this is still a broken IA, had this today & with 8 of us running & swimming on land & in the water tunnels we couldn't find him, that is the last quest area circles stayed on the map & no marker for the boss showed on the map at all.
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    Thanks, found the problem.

    Disabling this adventure again (it only got turned back on yesterday). There was a bigger problem with the IAs here in the Grotto that finally got fixed, but it seems that bigger problem was masking this issue - so the bosses in Grotto will be on break until next week.

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