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Thread: Mah Stuff quest in Tarken Glacier

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    was forced to change shards to see the Sextant.
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    They respawn far too insanely quickly. They appear as soon as I touch the *insert item to pick up* and no matter what method I have been using, the times I have killed them and then touch the item again (no matter how quickly), they still spawn. I'd have to ask a guildie... AGAIN. I hate not being able to do a simple quest on my own, simply because it's badly planned. Also, not everyone has guildies to ask. *glares at devs*
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    stop trying to kill them!
    if your general spec doesnt have CC then make a dummy spec with 3 good crowd control abilities (stuns, snares etc)
    use these abilities on the mobs and pick up your loot while they watch you unable to move!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moorior View Post
    If you're here doing this quest, be aware there are 4 personal loot chests on these boats with potentially very nice loot.
    4: over the far side of the 3rd boat. Get on it and go up the front. there are 2 large spikes sticking out. Jump into the gap between the 2 railings and let yourself slide backwards. You fall onto a ledge. carefully walk forwards and then jump, backwards down to the lower large spike. The chest is right next to the hull on the lower large spike
    I got that chest by jumping up onto the large spike from the water. You can easily reach the tip of the spike with only a few trial and errors.. sure beats having to go all the way around again if you miss jumping down from the ship.

    That said, I find it impossible to jump onto the chain to get to the third ship. No matter how I tried from what position on the rail, i get knocked aside or fail to jump.. after a few dozen attempts I ended up abandoning the quest. Which is no great loss, imho, since I got the chests.

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