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    Quote Originally Posted by caduto View Post
    this one if found on the newest version of the database, which can be found here...
    2 cards missing from your database.

    Minion card: Sera from Extra Life 2016
    Minion Card: Trenton from Earth Day 2016

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    If anybody happens to have any of the following:
    • Hexathel
    • Thexahel
    • Airoldus
    • Razorleaf Matriarch

    I'd be willing to pay a lot for them! (need them on NA, though I have plat on EU too if a trade is needed)
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    Umm guess i'm missing 7 then i got 238 havent got sera and trenton and i think i miss 2-3 from the cracking skull event ones (those seem to be unobtainable now due to NO ONE bothers with that event anymore)

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