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Thread: Book of Riddles (Scavenger Hunt) ??

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    Default Book of Riddles (Scavenger Hunt) ??

    All I can find online is that I need to click an orb in Crystal Depths. I'm there, but the orb is not clickable.

    Anyone know how it works? Or has the quest changed or something?

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    The orb is there in the cave, but if you have not done part 2 of the Air Saga it will not be sparkly to you. I have heard if you can get the daily quest to go into the cave to retrieve the unstable crystal it will activate the orb (portal key). However, if you have not done the storyline IPP quests you cannot get the daily.

    So, the best thing to do is hop shards looking for an active portal or ask in a guild/chat if anyone has the ability to do it for you.
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    I was just able to complete the quest without going into the cave.

    I tried to do this the way it's supposed to be done, by clicking the orb in the cave and going through the portal, but none of the orbs on any NA shard are clickable for this character, and haven't been for my other characters either. If you can't find a shard with a portal already open--because someone else was able to click the orb for whatever reason--here's what to do:

    Go back to the Library, and stand at 4618, 1561 in front of the bookshelf with the red book sticking partway out. Wave your cursor around in front of the bookshelf until it changes to a hand. That will be the Book of Riddles in the room behind that bookshelf. Mount up if you have to if you're too far away from the item to interact. Right click, and presto, quest complete.

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    Very tricky Sylvaene, I love it.

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