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Thread: Mad Hogger Spawn points

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    Default Mad Hogger Spawn points

    Since they tweaked Mad Hogger's spawn / pathing in the 2.4 patch on Sep 18th.

    Has anyone seen it spawn from the tash pile anymore? The only reported kill's that I can find have happened closer to the Howling Caves spawn.

    Last one I need for that achieve and I'd like to concentrate in the right area if I can

    Any help would be appreciated


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    Hogger took me months of checking and a few marathon camping sessions to get. I've never actually seen him spawn on the trash pile although for a while that was the only known spawn point I knew of his, and that's the spawn point I checked the most often. Eventually I found him spawned inside the Howling Cave and killed him right as he started pathing out the entrance. I wanted to wait a bit longer to see where he went because I was curious, but after a few months of searching I was too terrified I'd blink and he'd die somehow.

    From anecdotal evidence from a few other campers(far before 18th update) the howling caves was the more probable spawn point to begin with. Not sure how things may have changed since then, but the trash pile spawn point seems to always be so full of rifts and invasions I wouldn't be surprised if they lowered his spawn point there even more.

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    confirmed today at the Howling cave entrance Wolfsbane @ 10:45 am server time

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    Thanks guys for your responses. I finally got him today

    3643, 1467 Deepwood @ 6:45AM Server

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    Default Mad Hogger

    I have been looking for this guy for well over a month. He is the last that I need for the achievement in this area. Has his spawn points changes over the years? I have been looking from the junk pile to Howling Caves. I have been looking every day several times a day on ALL of the shards. Please help because the powers that be at Trion say that there is nothing they can do about the spawn time. Coming from a computer background, I know that this is not true.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kalalily View Post

    Which spawn points did you visited? I usually go to that place (3847, 1440) often on my alts. That place is more common for him to appear. The best thing about it, not many people notice him.

    However, there's a little problem, if Swirling Tempest spawn around that place then Mad Hogger will not appear unless you defeat Swirling Tempest and the rift tear is nearby. Also, from my experiences, Mad Hogger also spawns around near the frozen river, not the lake (Whitefall to Breakers Camp, multiple locs not just one location due to long patrol path).
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    Default Last one found

    Been looking for this dood for ages
    found Mad Hogger at /setwaypoint 3847, 1440

    2 seperate shards

    Defo the spot to camp

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    Default Prime server

    At server reset today, I spotted Mad Hogger at /setwaypoint 4236 1631.
    I was expecting Frostpaw Mauler cats in this area.
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