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Thread: Skull Rain & Supercharger

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    Smile Use The Power of the LAUNCHPAD~!

    Bumping this as there are folks growing old sitting on the rock at the Pus Swamp camp.
    to the south of that rock/camp is a Launchpad, it is not always active so shard hop, kill a Stormspark near the pad to charge the pad, click, enjoy the stun and your flight to a cliff, mushroom, rock, or one of four locations. Rinse and repeat until you land at a location with the skull. This is much much faster than camping the stormlegion camp rock...as it will take you to ALL the possible spawn points. Takes on average several minutes to land at the one with an active skull spawn.

    Enjoy, and don't age or sunburn on that rock~
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    One launchpad (for Skull Rain) is at:

    /setwaypoint 11649, 6064
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    Default Sull Rain Supercharger Timer

    I have found a Seratos platform and killed Stormsparks for the charges and jumped to the skull locations. The problem I'm having is the short timer once you locate a skull, It is only a few seconds. I have yet to finish even half of the "collecting" channel bar before being ported back down to the swamp platform. I have tried several skulls and never even been close, even when I locate a skull right away, it is not enough time.

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    Default co-ords

    /setwaypoit 17235 7547 (1) and /setwaypoint 15665 7748 = super charger

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