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Thread: Merethis Faen does he have a bigger role?

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    Default Merethis Faen does he have a bigger role?

    I just did the "Lord of illusion" achievement in Shimmersand where you get to do a quest chain where you have to do a bit of work for "Merethis Faen" - Now, I was in a hurry so I had to skip reading the quest stuff and his chat, so uhm, who is he? Does he have any significant role later in the game or is he purely fluff?
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    I think he's nothing super special to the overall lore, but that he's just an eccentric wizard that remained in Eth lands, being a super cool Elementalist and having an awesome Retreat where there SHOULD have been the Firesand Desert zone -_-

    I forget what the actual quests entail... you're trying to defeat something right? And he helps train you for it? Gah, I dunno, and my Guardian story alt will be a while before he gets there..

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