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Thread: Champions of the firestorm feedback

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    Default Champions of the firestorm feedback

    Nice to see a new event and I love the new ports, so thanks for that!

    It's a bit frustrating though. Some things that could be improved

    - the weapon phase. Why so much running around? Please spawn them all at the same time, all I did pretty much was follow people and I was only able to click one weapon the whole time because we had like 4 raids rushing every spot. Pretty frustrating.

    - the reward - I got 5 IS for it. Surely that's not intended? I participated in every phase.

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    Copy paste from the post i made about it.

    Ok so did this new event in the steppes, it was really long and tedious.

    Closing the Infernal Rift gave nothing by themselves (perhaps 200 planarite?)
    Finding 300 orbs on the ground was really long and got like 3-4 stones for it.
    Took quite a while to kill the giants with massive lags
    Once Rabrongar was there, my fps dropped to 1. Really , i couldnt do nothing anymore, couldnt even reach my setting to drop them.

    1 Fps ... 1 Fps... I got a nice rig which play most of the new games to max (except crysis 3) and i reach 1 fps here... I couldnt even play anymore,i was frozen. Even when it started to lag, i tried zooming in and look to the ground, nothing to do.

    When i killed the boss, i got only 2 stones... 2 stones? really?

    So for this 30min event (or more) i got a total of 8 stones.

    This event was "cool" although time consumming but since the reward was really bad, i wont do this event anymore.

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    Ok I have to add... we need some sort of reward to close the rift on phase 1. Heck even 1 IS per rift.

    I did it again and got 11 stones total... which would be ok if the event wasn't so long. The last boss only gave 2... not enough IMO.

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    Yea the rewards weren't all that great.

    My total for that event was:
    11 IS
    803 Planarite
    10 Crystallized Insight

    Also, I'm 100% sure we didn't allow any of the champions to get healed.
    However, none of us got Rejuvenation Assassination.

    Killing last boss gave us....2 IS. No IS for taking down the rifts.
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    This was horrible. No instructions (couldn't understand voice actor either). Kept dieing a lot at rifts. Couldn't figure out how to access the weapons to televate. Then on final fight, someone said to heal cannons. Did not see cannons. Plus people kept purposely running around with those swirly thingy's knocking you all over the place.

    BIG FAIL!!!
    Beware the Penguin...

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