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Thread: Missing Fishing artifacts?

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    Shield of Telara Adelea's Avatar
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    Spent 8+ hours or so today at the stillmoor deep pool today, whilst on a remote training course...

    No sign of one.

    Guild mate spends 10 mins or so there, and gets the shard first on the trophy...

    So yes, they do fish up, but I HATE THE RNG !
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    Soulwalker Xennor-Drow's Avatar
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    Took me about 45 mins to get one last night, but they definitely can be fished up now.

    Just has to be really random on getting some of the trophies. I have spent about 12 hours trying to get the Trophy Indigoby in Gloamwood with no luck still.
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    I can say for sure they are in game. I got my shard's first yesterday as well.

    I still prefer this way over something like Ultimate Hunter where you have to not only compete against everyone else after a single rare but also those people botting skins in some of the areas.

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    Just grabbed mine as well, got the moonleaper and the devil trophies in a few hours.

    60/66 Trophies now and missing like 1-3 from the remaining 10 artifact sets for Ultimate angler.

    Still no reward, and a redundant title.

    Your move Trion ;)

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    Default caught a silverwood devil

    looks like they are around after all!
    after trying with Batsy and Batsytwo (both with fishing 300 lucky poles and artifact attractors applied)for over25 attractor tries and 500+ normal fishing tries---nada
    set up a guardian alt( Batsy =defiant) got that one up to fishing 75,and did 5 minutes of fishing in deep water ----Trophy silverwood Devil caught
    trophy by mail to Batsy gave her first-on-shard (Argent) for set silverwood and freemarch fish
    Who knows it was luck or you have to be both guardian and Defiant to catch both in Freemarch and Silverwood thge trophy

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    Default same issue

    I managed to get the Stillmoor Devil but it took forever. What seems harder is the Blenny trophy fish and Steelscale thrasher trophy fish in Scarlet Gorge. I have used at least 50 magnetic lures, trophy lures and rare artifact attractors. I am doing the cheevo where I have to catch them, can't just buy from AH.

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