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Thread: Quest Cast back to the Shadows:Eye of Regulos

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    Default Quest Cast back to the Shadows:Eye of Regulos

    This quest can be very annoying. I started doing it and then some idiots in a group came along and started doing it too, but since they obviously did not have the quest the boss woman did not come down from the top and the items did not appear on the altars. Anyway, I waited for them to go away.

    So once they were gone I started again from scratch. I noticed one of the idiots appeared again and was watching. Anyway, I do the quest till nearly the end when the boss woman comes down. Now again that whole group appeared again and they started killing the bosses and boss woman so they get the reward she drops I guess.

    This just pi.....s me off. Why do they make a quest that other people then can come in and grab it?

    Since I now did most of that long quest by myself, I just don't want to abandon it and go and do the whole thing again. But this just does not seem right.

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    I guess all you can do is report the griefers to their respective guilds. If they're the same side as you. If they aint, get some of your lot to gank them until they bugger off.

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