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Thread: Defiant>Missed Gloamwood entirely...

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    Default Defiant>Missed Gloamwood entirely...

    Looks like I missed something in Stonefield that would send me to Gloamwood... so I skipped it... and am now in the midst of quests 3-4 levels higher... would anyone happen to know how I can get into Gloamwood?

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    Gloamwood is guardian quests only. Stonefield should chain you to Scarlet Gorge. If you're doing Scarwood Reach, go back to that bridge and look around for a breadcrumb heading down the hill.
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    Default Well,

    A couple of defient quests have spawns in Gloamwood.

    Take the lift down from IPP. Thats much less of a run.

    There is also another path in from Moonshade that is quite close to Timberveil so thats an easy one too.
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    there is a defiant hub that routes you throu gloamwood

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