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Thread: Quest: Last Stand bugged!

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    Default Quest: Last Stand bugged!

    Right now I'm in Scarlet Gorge completing quests. I've got 33 of 38 done and can't find any more. I decided to check all quests from that zone here: http://rift.zam.com/wiki/Scarlet_Gor..._Quest_Series) and noticed that I never got http://rift.zam.com/en/quest.html?riftquest=288970955 to do. I remember the previous quest from that quest giver, and that he was talking something about closing the rift. I clicked finish and nothing happend, I didn't get the next quest. That's Story line quest and I'm afraid that it's pointless to continue playing Is there any solution?
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    There is actually 1 more quest than you need for the achievement. I have gotten 2 characters through all the quests in the last 2 weeks of scarlet gorge and so far the only quest you cannot do is The Last Stand, the one where you seal the fire rift in Rock Ridge.

    There is a drop quest item off a name zombie near the ancient wardstone by the cemetery in the center of the zone.
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    has this ever been fixed? I can't seem to get the quest to progress

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