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Thread: Level 50 quest "Chasing the Wind"

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    Default Level 50 quest "Chasing the Wind"

    Seeing as there is no "Quest" forums, I thought I'd post this up in general to see if anyone else is having the same problem with this quest.

    "Use the portal keystone to change destinations. Search the various portal destinations to find clues to Chekeroth's location."

    The issue is that the portals take you to the same place over and over and over again. I'm not sure if this level 50 quest is broken or not, and I'm unsure the appropriated forum in which to post this concern.

    Any help would be wonderful.

    PS -

    The character's name in the quest changes spelling as you read the quest description. At one point it's Chekeroth and at another it's Chekharoth.
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    When you click on the portal keystone, it's Orb colour changes, that gives you different destinations when you go through the 'ring'.

    I think (from memory) the aura colour around the ring matches that of the orb? not sure but doesn't matter... it's the orb colour you need to visit different destinations, just keep clicking it till you get a colour you havent visited!

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    it was the 'purple' orb that took me to the clue.

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