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Code of Conduct

Official RIFT Forum Rules

Welcome to the official RIFT forums! We're pleased you've joined the community and are eager for you to add your voice to conversations and start new discussions. That said, before you dive in, we ask that you adhere to these two complimentary philosophies of mankind's great leaders:

"Be excellent to each other." - Bill S. Preston of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
"Don't be a dick." - Wil Wheaton of Star Trek: The Next Generation

The official forums intend to serve as a comfortable, safe environment for ideas, thoughts, and experiences to be communicated with the community and Trion Worlds. While many who join the RIFT community will inherently understand our goal of a constructive and inviting community, there may be occasions where precise clarity is needed to determine just which behaviors and content are appropriate for the official forums.

To address this need, we have compiled the following list of rules.

1. Do not attack others.
A few examples of typical attacks that are not allowed are:

  • Insults (against individuals, groups, companies, or countries)
  • Comments that attack or disparage a Race/Ethnicity/Nationality/Religious Belief/Political Affiliation/Gender/Sexual Orientation or Identity
  • Harassment
  • Naming/Accusing/Calling Out: Do not accuse or call out other players for misbehavior. This sort of issue is not resolvable on a forum. If a player has violated our Terms of Service, please create a support ticket.
  • Posting Provocatively: While we frequently have strong opinions, it is important to phrase things in a manner that is as constructive as possible.
  • No Threats Allowed. This includes both physical threats and threats of legal action.

2. Do not spam or post non-constructively.

  • Posting "+1," "First," reposting topics with existing threads, and posting threads not germane to a particular subforum are not allowed.
  • Bumps, or posts simply to manipulate the order of thread display, are not allowed. All posts need some form of constructive content.

3. Do not post about, mention, or discuss moderator action. Discussion of moderator action is not productive. Instead, if you have questions about or wish to appeal moderator actions, please contact a member of the Community Team.

4. Official threads: Do not disrupt or go off-topic in threads started by an official Trion representative. Official threads may contain additional instructions; please heed them.

5. Content not permitted on Official Forums

  • Excessive Sexuality or Violence: Discussion of excessive sexuality or violence is not allowed. These sorts of topics are best shared between friends, not on public forums.
  • Personal Information: Sharing of others' personally-identifying information is not allowed. If you wish to share your own social media addresses or game network tags (Xbox gamertags, PSN names, Steam Handles, etc.) you are allowed to do so for yourself only.
  • Obscenity/Vulgarity:Do not make excessively vulgar statements on the forums. Do not avoid the profanity filter by changing the spelling or substituting alternate characters in place of specific letters. The profanity filter on the forums does not contain every word not allowed, and cannot be used as a defense in this case.
  • Pornography: The posting of pornography is not allowed.
  • Illegal Activity: Do not promote or discuss illegal activities on the forums.
  • Cheating/Exploits: Do not post about or discuss cheating or exploits. If you suspect a player of cheating, please contact Customer Service. If you have knowledge of an exploit, feel free to contact a member of the Community Team with details via a private message or a member of Customer Service via a support ticket.
  • Exchange of in-game items or services for real-world currency other than those items and services sold by Trion Worlds is not allowed.
  • Advertisements or direct links to pages encouraging commercial transactions on our forums. This includes overt promotion/astroturfing/recruiting for other games.
  • Religion and Politics: These are not topics for official game forums. This includes Off Topic forums.
  • No calls for firing of Trion employees. This is a zero tolerance area.
  • Infringing Content: Do not post anything that supports or encourages IP or copyright infringement.

6. Sockpuppeting and the use of multiple accounts to evade a suspension are not allowed.

  • Suspensions are for individuals, not accounts. Creating additional accounts to avoid suspensions is not allowed.
  • Users who connect from the same location or computer may be subject to suspensions taken against other users from the same location/computer. In these cases, the moderation team will make their best efforts to determine the identity of individuals, however this is solely at the discretion of the moderation team.

7. Direct links to images, pages, or sites with content that violate the forum rules are not allowed.

In cases where moderator action is required, moderators may edit, move, or delete posts containing violations of the forum rules. Moderators may warn, suspend, or permanently ban accounts from posting on the forum in question. These actions will be based on both the frequency of required moderation for a specific user and the specific rules violation in question. In extreme cases, action may be taken against game accounts for forum violations.

Not all situations can be covered by these rules, and Trion reserves the right to moderate at our discretion. Failure to follow these rules, or any direction from Trion Worlds representatives, may result in action being taken against your account.

Now, with these guidelines in mind, we invite you to add your voice to the official RIFT forums and become a constructive member of its community. Good luck and good posting!

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